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My name is Ian Rowland, also known as 'The Addiction Fixer'.

(My other sites are and


I help people who want to lose weight and get fit, or quit smoking, or either quit alcohol or at least get their drinking under control.


For thirty years I was addicted to sugar and starch. I ended up overweight and, eventually,  obese. You can see the horror photos here. Every day I fought my addiction and every day I lost. Tried everything, nothing worked.



After years of trying and failing, at the age of 58, I finally discovered how to get rid of my addiction, lose weight and get fit. I wrote a book about it: 'The Easy-ish Way To Lose Weight And Get Fit' (also known as 'TEWTL WAGF').

Now I'd like to help all addicts to overcome their addictions and, instead, live their life with freedom, choice and control. In short, I want to build a world without addiction.



Because we can.

Because everything would be better.

Because nothing would be worse.

Please don't leave this website without downloading my free booklet, 'Let's End Addiction'. It's free, it's for everyone and it's important. Even if you don't want anything else from this site, please take this free booklet and have a look at it. Just see the 'Free' tab or click here.

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What I Offer

​I offer my books on various types of addiction (paperback or Kindle).

In addition, I offer personal one-to-one coaching to help you overcome addiction issues.

I provide free information, help and resources on this site (there's more to come).

I also offer talks, presentations, speeches and keynotes about addiction issues. Perfect for meetings, staff training, events and conferences. If you're interested, send me an email and let's discuss what value I can add to your event.