(1) You Don't Need A Dedicated Kindle Device To Read Kindle Books

You do not need a Kindle device to read books in the Kindle digital format.

You can download Kindle Reader software free of charge. Just google 'Kindle Reader software' and take you pick of all the download options. It runs on just about any device: desktop, laptop or tablet.

A book in Kindle format has the .mobi file extension. This is just like any other file -- you can save it in any directory you want, on any device you own.

In some cases, your Kindle reader software will let you save Kindle files (.mobi files) in any directory you want. All you have to do it open your Kindle Reader software, go 'Open book' and find the file you want to open.

Alternatively, your device or your version of the Reader software might be automatically set to look for Kindle files in a specific directory. If so, you'll have to save or move the .mobi file to that particular directory so that your Kindle Reader software can find it and open it.

If you have any problems, just google how to 'side load Kindle file' and you'll find tutorials and explanations galore. 'Side loading' just means moving a .mobi file to the right directory so the Kindle Reader software can see it and open it. It's not complicated.

(2) You Don't Need To Download Kindle Files Via Amazon

If you normally get your Kindle files from Amazon, Amazon will automatically send the file directly to whichever folder, on your device, is home to your Kindle library. 

When you get a Kindle file from someone else, such as me, this doesn't happen automatically. However, it's not a big problem. You just have to save the .mobi file to your Kindle library directory, so the software and open and read it. See the section above.

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