If you're thinking of working with me, here's some background information.


As I make clear in all my books related to addiction, I have no medical or therapeutic qualifications.

If you are going to make any significant changes in your life, especially regarding food and exercise, you should first go to see your doctor or physician. Discuss the changes you intend to make and take their advice.

I do not accept responsibility for any aspect of your health. You should not regard anything on this website or in any consultation with me as medical advice. When I work with you, I will offer personal testimony, opinion and information. I do not promise or guarantee any specific results or outcome. If you take any of my advice, you do so entirely at your risk and on the basis that every individual is different so results may vary.


You may feel you can overcome your addiction issues on your own. However, you may feel you would benefit from, for example, a weekly hour-long chat and consultation with me. I don't have medical or therapeutic qualifications. What I do have is relevant experience. I have been on the journey, I've been through the process, I know what it's like. .

If you would like to lose weight and get fit, I have been on that journey so I believe I can offer useful guidance, ideas, reassurance and encouragement.

If you are trying to quit smoking, I've been there to. I was an on/off smoker from 1982 to 2000. At my worst (or most heroic, depending on your point of view) I was on 60 cigarettes a day. I haven't had a cig since 2000.



Here are some genuine testimonials. As may be obvious, people who have overcome addiction issues usually prefer confidentiality and most don't really want to be identified. Nonetheless, these are genuine testimonials from people I've helped, reproduced with permission.

- - -

"Ian - your system has worked so well, I am almost in disbelief.  What is remarkable is how quickly and easily the techniques have worked for me without any self-chastising or beating oneself up over lack of strength or will-power.

I feel completely in control and I feel great.

Immediately, I gained a very healthy relationship with alcohol.  I have absolutely no problem having the occasional glass, and it does not slip into over-medicating or over-use.  This is exactly what I had been hoping for."

— Sylvia, Canada.

- - -

"I had struggled with smoking for years, trying all sorts of methods that all didn’t seem to last. After Ian explained his approach to me, I thought his way was a unique and refreshing method to try.

Ian’s steps helped me quit completely, easily, and with less stress and efforts than all of my other attempts. I didn’t need any other items to help, and the benefits started appearing rather shortly after I was able to quit. Ian’s approach is interesting, easy, and one of a kind!"

— Claire, US.

- - -


"I regard Ian as a first-rate trainer and consultant. He has amazing material, he always delivers and he’s great to work with.”— A. Sanghi, Lead Economist, World Bank Group

“Ian is the best speaker and trainer I’ve ever seen, and he hosted our day perfectly. We learned a lot, he was entertaining and I know we'll be more successful this year thanks to what he shared with us.” — D. Holmes, Financial Director, Healthcare Learning

"I’m a sales guy. If I don't sell, I don't eat. I've studied all the big names, been to the conferences, received personal training from some of the best in the busuness. I signed up for training with Ian via Skype and he just blew my mind. He shared techniques and perspectives unlike anything else I've ever learned. It's all practical. I use what Ian taught me almost every day. He opens your eyes to hidden elements of human communication that fully deserve the term 'magic'." — M. Martin, USA.

“Ian has a very engaging and energising style and he was thought-provoking and entertaining throughout. Most importantly, everyone said it was a great use of their time. Ian gave us plenty of ways to work smarter and be more effective both professionally and personally.”— A. Mellor, Marks & Spencer

“I make it my business to learn from experts in their field. I spent four days with Ian and we covered a range of skills that I know will help me both personally and professionally — particularly inter-personal skills and ways to establish instant rapport with people. I’m going to book some more days with Ian as soon as I can get back to London. I think he’s terrific.”— Sam Q., Entrepreneur, Saudi Arabia

“I’ve run my own business as an Independent Financial Advisor for 20 years. By studying or working with people like Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy, I’ve been able to grow my business dramatically. I now include Ian Rowland on that list. Having attended one of his fantastic courses, and invested in some personal tuition and coaching sessions with Ian, I can say in all honesty that he has helped me take my business to another level. Ian’s unique skills and knowledge when it comes to positive persuasion and understanding what makes people tick will prove invaluable in both your personal and business life. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He’s funny, engaging and a leader in his field.”— Mike LeGassick, Leading Independent Financial Advisor, UK

“I studied CRFB with Ian via Skype and without doubt it’s my best investment this year! Ian is an excellent teacher and working with him is very enjoyable. In addition, Ian is incredibly generous with his knowledge in many adjacent fields. Ian’s CRFB training helps me tremendously. Among other benefits, I know how to develop strong rapport in any meeting, more quickly than I ever thought possible." — Patrick Ehrich, Senior Teacher and Educational Trainer, Germany

"Ian's work inspired me to finally make the jump from my 9 to 5 job to being a full-time professional performer. I’ve been able to budget and save money and, most importantly, I AM MUCH HAPPIER! When people ask me how I have been able to make a living doing what I love I always point to Ian Rowland and his book on working for yourself. He's a great teacher."  — Chad Collyer, USA

"If you get the chance to  study with Ian Rowland, take it. You'll learn a huge amount about communication, dealing with people, cold reading, persuasion and a lot more as well. He has helped me tremendously with every aspect of my business." — Liam O'Neill, Ireland

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