Photos Of My Story


In my book 'The Easy-ish Way To Lose Weight And Get Fit', I mention that my addiction to sugar and starch led to my being seriously overweight and, eventually, obese. Here are a few photos to show how bad things got. Bear in mind that I didn't want to be overweight. For the best part of thirty years, I was trying hard, every day, to overcome my addiction and get down to a healthy weight. Why did I never manage it? Because no-one ever gave me the information I needed. This is why I wrote my book.

Here's the obligatory before-and-after section.


Started off: 116 kg / 256 pounds (18 stone 4 pounds)

End: 76 kg / 168 pounds (12 stone)

Loss: 40 kg / 88 pounds (6 stone 4 pounds)

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