Unhelpful Media

In my book on weight loss, I discuss the scale and extent of the Information Problem facing anyone trying to overcome their addictions. It sometimes seems that wherever you look, in terms of broadcast or social media, you see articles and ads that are misleading and unhelpful. On this page, I present some random examples. You can send others to me if you want. (Yes, I know all adverts are meant to be misleading by definition. But some are more egregiously unhelpful than others.)

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How to simply trick sweet hunger

Seen: pop up ad on 'The Poke' [June 4th 2020]

No need to consider the causes of your addiction or understand how and why it works, or how to effectively nullify it. No need to consider lifestyle changes. Just ingest something and then, by magic, the problem will be gone. This is wrong, misleading and unhelpful for all the reasons I explain in TEWTL WAGF. Hey, big surprise: the model in the photo is young, female, attractive and looks strangely cheerful about ingesting whatever's being sold. This is not a typical image of someone suffering from sugar addiction. I didn't click on the link to read more about the product because that would only encourage this and similar advertisers.

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